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List of latest research


HCI for Digital Democracy and Citizen Participation
Abdelnour-Nocera, J., Gutiérrez, J. J. G., Álvarez, M. E. P. & Nielsen, L., Aug 2023, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Switzerland: Springer, Cham, Vol. 14145. p. 627-631 4 p.


Creating More Personas Improves Representation of Demographically Diverse Populations: Implications Towards Interactive Persona Systems
Salminen, J., Jung, S-G., Nielsen, L. & Jansen, B., 10 Oct 2022, Nordic Human-Computer Interaction Conference (NordiCHI ’22). Association for Computing Machinery, p. 1-11 10 p. 12

Demokratisk Iværksætteri-Erhvervsfremme og iværksætteri for demokratiske virksomheder i Danmark
Nielsen, L., Nicolajsen, H. W., Baka, V., Victor, F. F., Sivertsen, S., Stana, R., Hansen, A. V., Riisgaard, L. & Jakobsen, G., Jun 2022, Erhvervsministeriet.

Employee-owned startups in the digital era
Nicolajsen, H. W., Nielsen, L., Baka, V. & Victor, F. F., 10 Dec 2022.

Engaging with competing demands in systems through design: Fostering a paradox lens
Neuhoff, R., Harre, O., Simeone, L., Nielsen, L. & Holst Laursen, L., Jun 2022, DRS2022. Bilbao: Design Research Society

How does varying the number of personas affect user perceptions and behavior? Challenging the ‘small personas’ hypothesis!
Salminen, J., Jung, S-G., Nielsen, L., Şengün, S. & Jansen, B. J., 2022, In: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. 168, p. 102915 17 p.

How to Create Personas: Three Persona Creation Methodologies with Implications for Practical Employment
Jansen, B. J., Nielsen, L., Guan, K. & Salminen, J., 2022, In: Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems . 14, 3, 1.

Persona preparedness: a survey instrument for measuring the organizational readiness for deploying personas
Salminen, J., Nielsen, L., Bahlouh, M., Sørensen, R. G., Santos, J. M., Jung, S-G. & Jansen, B. J., 2022, In: Information Technology and Management. 26 p.